The People’s Trust

I took a leap at an open invitation to start this blog based on the information I became aware of just a few days after it was released on December 25th 2012. Now that being said I have had no way to personally vett this information, regardless of that I would invite any and all of you to become familiar with it and start to peel back the layers of deceit that have kept the people of the Earth enslaved since the beginning of time on this planet. I will post any and all updates on this information as it becomes available and I will begin to discuss how my path brought this information to me. 

I am also going to begin to reveal how dark and sinister a plan and agenda has been perpetuated against all of humanity that has quite honestly been hard to grasp. Just how this level of control could have been achieved and why. I will gather and correlate as much as I can. There has been so much disinformation that it has contaminated the pool and that of course makes the truth harder to find. 

I think to start to clear your head you must realize that what you see on mainstream media ,TV , newspapers and the radio is about 90% fiction. It is owned ..all of it , by 6 corporations…should that concern you? You are only told what you are being lead to believe as truth by those who have an interest in you believing their story. In addition to that ,the internet is crawling with Trolls ready to also pollute what truth you may find and they are paid well to do so!

 I have one agenda, to help you free your mind from the prison that has been constructed for you   . For all the peoples of the world to live the way we were designed to live .. in love with all humanity, Free from fear .


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